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Thank you for visiting Hotel Kashish International is a modest family-run independent hotel in Kalyan. In Kalyan, the center of Mumbai's suburbs, there is an international grade hotel. Our hotel has a restaurant that provides traditional cuisine produced from fresh and local ingredients. Guests will also discover a bar, rooms, and banquets for parties where they can relax in the hotel's comfort. To make your stay truly delightful, we strive to provide you with comfortable surroundings, superb meals, and exceptional service. Please browse our website, where you will find the majority of the information you require. Call us to discuss your hotel reservation, meal plans, or event needs.

Company Mission

Our mission is to assess our standards! We depend on your assistance in order to improve our services and facilities and to make your stay with us even more comfortable and to exceed the expectations of our guests.

Our Vision

We intend to redefine the luxury lifestyle as a leading pioneer in the international luxury standard hotel and hospitality business.

Our Goals

The goal of our company is to evaluate our own quality controls. Our ability to provide world-class service and a memorable experience for our visitors is built on the feedback we receive from you and the guest.

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Our growth will be achieved through hotel ownership and management. We will be known for our innovation, exemplary service and superior financial performance. Hotel Kashish International is committed to being the employer of choice in the hospitality industry.

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Shubham Patil

CEO & Founder

Poonam Joshi

Senior Manager

Sumeet Sharma

Junior Manager

Shilpa Rai

Business Consultant

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